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A Symbol of Femininity and Solidarity Between Females


"This bracelet my mom gave to me when I was young. I don’t even remember what age. I was like, very young, like as soon as my wrist was big enough that it wouldn’t fall off. And now it’s very hard to take off. My mom had, like, 6 of them, and my grandma gave my mom a section of her collection when my mom was a kid. And then my mom gave me one of them when I was little. She’ll give me more and more, and then I’ll give them to my kids… My mom’s sister has the same bracelets, too, and she’ll give them to my little cousin. So it’s kind of like a nice tradition in my family. We’re the only females in the family-- it's my mom, me, my grandma, my aunt, and my cousin. After that it’s a pretty male-dominated family, in terms of numbers. We actually… we hold the power, for sure. We’re a matriarchal, female-centered family. But it’s just a nice symbol of femininity and solidarity between the females in our family. I feel like you can’t really do this if you have a lot of women in your family-- it’d be a hard tradition to uphold, and it kinda loses meaning if there’s so many. It’s nice. I think it’s a really pretty bracelet! But I actually never really think about it: because i’ve had it for so long, it’s like a part of me. It’s the most meaningful-- this one is from my boyfriend, and this one my parents gave to me for christmas-- but this one definitely is the most meaningful and special. We’re all really close. What’s nice is... Well, now that I’m in college, I don’t see them that often. I mean, I see them a good amount, but family is so important to me, it feels like a long time passes before I get to see them, so it’s nice to carry them with me all the time. It’s as if I’m there with everyone. It’s a symbol of our closeness."

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