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Being a Proud Parent & a Pet Lover


"I’m very proud of all my children. Chantelle is 10, she does soccer, 4H, stuff like that. Hannah will graduate this year from the homeschooling program and hopefully go to college. She works at Applewood. Mary is in her junior year, she’s got one more year, and she is working in the UMass Dining Commons. I love my dog and my cat more than my family sometimes, because they come to me, they cuddle with me, they sit with me, they don’t complain, they don’t argue about the house…. The cat is Kanye West-- well, Kanye, but I call him Kanye West-- and Ariel is the dog. We have a ferret and fish. The ferret is Kitty-- that’s Mary’s ferret, he’s a little dirty. I really don’t know what kind of dog and cat, they’re white and grey, kind of? Chubby cat. Ariel has long tail, long ears, black, brown, and white, real cute! Thank God for them. We had another little dog unfortunately who got killed by a car. We had the dog for a long time. The cat's, I think, a year old; the ferret, a year or two, the fish I’m not sure."

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