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Smartphone Detox


"First off, when you don’t have a phone you start seeing them with a fresh perspective. And you start to realize that people really are too attached to their phone, you know, and they get anxious when they don’t have it with them or don’t know where it is, they stay up late at night scrolling through it and it’s the first thing they check in the morning. Multiple people have told me, 'I couldn’t survive without my phone' or, 'how could you possibly live without it?' It’s just funny. And in my personal experience, for example when waiting for a bus, instead of checking my phone, or like, waiting for a lecture, or in class, or all those spare moments of time I just kind of hang out instead, and relax, or look around, or pick up a student newspaper. I don’t know, I just do other things… I definitely think there’s something lost when you fill all the spare moments of your life with checking your phone or doing something distracting like that. I heard a quote recently, I think from Simon Sinek or something, who said that a lot of the greatest ideas are from when you let your mind rest for a while. And it’s in those moments where you’re not actively doing whatever it is you’re doing where you have that 'aha!' moment, and you really make a breakthrough on something. So I think it’s a problem that not a lot of people don’t take that time to just not think or be engaged, or let their minds rest or take a mini break during a day. I think a lot of people could benefit from that. And I think it would help a lot of people relax and be less anxious because you’re just giving yourself a minute to breath, and you’re not worried about other people, you’re just kind of having a moment to yourself. And I think that’s definitely been lost to a certain extent thanks to smartphones. So if you’re reading this, try going a day without your smartphone, and see how that goes. Because I went for three weeks, and I’m gonna tell you, it’s not as bad as you’d think."

Later Event: January 1
Meditation and Mindfulness