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Amherst, a big breath of fresh air


"My first impression of Amherst was like, a big breath of fresh air. Me being from New York City, The Bronx, they had different cultures there, but to come to Amherst to see another multi-culture area-- coming from a big city to come Amherst, a small town, it’s a beautiful thing. Different faces, different people, and different things…I could never imagine being in a place that isn’t diverse. Diversity is key to everything--I think it is. I think it’s important. I think people should try it. What I love too is the multicultural food, the different variety of food that you can taste, which you can’t experience everywhere. Friendly environment, everybody’s friendly. When we talk about the racism, I remember someone posting saying “I’m glad I grew up in Amherst, because of the diversity.” And he hit it right on point; it’s a nice place to raise your child. When you’re walking around, people don’t look at your color. I think people should grow up with diversity, different cultures, learning about them, because if you do you’ll know more. Instead of listening, try to experience. I’ve met everybody across the board.”

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