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A Real Simple Story


"My story is real simple. I grew up in Amherst, MA, over here. And I got married, and I went to live in Springfield. And my stuff, after 18 years, it didn’t come out the way it was supposed to be. In that time, I was living middle class. I was working, making good money, I had a house, got everything. But something went wrong... And my son noticed, and his mother knew Hwei-Ling. He said, 'There's a lady I want you to meet. She can help you out.' And I met her! And she helped me out, she introduced me to people, those people gave me information…. Now, I’m back the way I was. The thing is that we, the people who need help, need to go forward, we need to follow the steps. Sometimes we criticize people or something, but if you really think about it, the way you was and the way you wanna be-- you have to work hard for it. And I did. It was hard in the beginning, to be quite honest. I had never been like that. I was shocked that it happened to me. I came out of it, and I’m doing pretty good. If I wasn’t set, I’d tell you! But I’m ok. It took time, but I’m in Amherst now, and I’m happy."

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