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Love Yourself First


If you don’t love yourself first and you’re telling me you love me - you’re lying…I’d start with something to let them know what needed to be done in their lives. Because a lot of student’s parents disagree with them and now they don’t care about anything. They don’t know how to care about nothin'. Because they never was taught or had to care about nothin’. Now I like to get a chance to teach them how to learn how to fend for themselves.

Not even colleges that y’all payin all this money for don’t even know how to teach you how to do that. They teach y’all about education to look forward to making a lot of money. That’s not living. And that’s definitely not life. That’s torture. Cause you see, soon as you make all that money, you starts torturing yourself because you become selfish, you become arrogant, you become self-centered, and the most important thing – you become lonely. Because nobody want to be around you. And that’s where a lotta students gon wind up if somebody don’ open their minds. And let their minds – so they can learn so they can expand their minds, cause right now theirs minds is in like a closed setting. Where is “This is all I know. This all I want to do. I don’t care bout nothin.” That’s their mind setting right now. So somebody needs to change that setting in their brain. And that’s what I wanna do. Talk to kids about stuff like that because it’s very important in y’all life. Because y’alls had came a long way, just as well as some of us who’s struggling in the streets today. Y’all came a long way too. Because having these particular things drilled into your heads just constantly. “Education. Make money. You wanna be rich one day.” But what good is all that if you’re not happy

That's not living. And that's definitely not life. That's torture.

See, in order for rich people to be happy, you hafta have love in your heart. Love conquers all. And a lotta these kids don’t have that. See, they say they love you. But what do love mean to them? You know, that’s a question that’s up in the air for them. What do love means to you? Do it means that I love you because of your upbringing and you do what I want I want you to do and how I want you to do it? Or do you love me because you love me from your heart? So, think about your answer before you answer it because no one – and I do mean no one – is able to love nobody if they don’t love themselves first. So, if you don’t love yourself first and you’re telling me you love me – you’re lying. You’re getting the two mixed up. You’re getting it mixed up where you saying’ you love me because of how close friends we are and because if I do what you want me to do, you know what I’m saying. Or do you love me because you care – and I mean because you care – about me? Not about the things I do. See, that’s two different kinds of love. And some people can love you just because you’re pretty. Or just because you’re smart. There’s more than one reason that somebody can say they love you. But none of them reasons mean nothin’ if it ain’t from the heart. If that love ain’t sincerely from the heart, then it’s not real love, because love, passion, sympathy, caring, kindness, all that comes from within. That’s not from the mind. That comes from the heart.

“How do you grow that in your heart? How does that happen?”

First you have to learn how to deal with things. You know, like, feel for things where it’s more about the emotions than sympathy. See, for instance, instead of you feeling sorry for them out of sympathy, you feel bad for them outta love. You know, my heart really loved that person because it really touched me to see them that way. So, you have to first learn how to teach yourself to feel those emotions. And a lotta y’all have some hidden emotions that y’all never experienced before. And the only way that y’all can have a good life is to expand your mind. Interact with different people from your race. Don’t worry about people telling you not to associate yourself with these people, not to associate with them people, because they’re misleading you. They’re keeping you from experiencing things and seeing things in life that they didn’t see or experience. So, don’t let your family or nobody else cause you to deprive yourself of that opportunity. That’s an opportunity that you’re entitled to. That’s why God gave it to you. He gave us these opportunities to interact with each other to make our society a better society, not to segregate everybody. Then, you got this section over here and that section over there. Yet still, in all reality, it’s just ruining your lives. Because, just think about it, how great of a life you can have more than a life you striving for if you just imagine it. If I was to expand my mind and learn all these new and better things that I never learned or heard before, where would my life be? Imagine that. I would have the most phenomenal life I could ever have, why? Because I expanded my mind to the point that so many beautiful people that I was misled about. And on top of that, they done show me so many different things. Open so many different doors for me.

So, guess what? Now I can take my experiences and give to the other sisters and brothers around me. So that now they will be able to live a good life. Instead of a miserable life. Just like kids a lotta kids these days are miserable. That’s why a lotta of them drink. And do drugs. Because theys miserable. Because of the simple fact that they are under so much pressure. I tell kids what they did with their lives and I never met’um before. I tell them what happened to them in their lives and never met them before. And they’re be like – wow, that’s amazin. How did you know this stuff? All the stuff I know is by the grace of God.

I can take my experiences and give to the other sisters and brothers around me. So that now they will be able to live a good life.

My education level is the seventh grade. But people be like, you lying. See, I do my best to teach people about God because it’s all by His grace and mercy. It’s kinda like self-explanatory to me, because of the fact that if people knew my testament, they’d be like wow. You gotta be lying. That can’t be real.

I almost died three times in my life. But I lived. I got stabbed in my neck. Missed my jugular by an inch and the knife went through my there. But I still didn’t give up.

You know the thing about it is this: I wanted something much more than what I was getting. Because I had money, I had womens, I had cars, I had a place, but I got it all from drug money. But God didn’t want me to have it that way. So all of that was stripped from me. I wasn’t upset, you know. I wasn’t mad. Because of the simple fact that God got something much greater than myself. And I’m gonna get what He got for me."

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