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Poetry and Meditation

"Since I haven’t had the opportunity to take any writing classes since freshman year, I decided to take a poetry class at Hampshire College, and so far it’s been interesting. It is unlike anything I’ve ever taken at UMass, which is no surprise considering Hampshire College is so funky and different from the other 5 Colleges. Did you know that they describe themselves by Division instead of actual grade levels? It confused me so much on the first day of my class. Another different but cool part is that the course starts every day with 10 minutes of meditation. It’s weird thinking about spending 10 minutes trying to not think or do anything, but my mom is always encouraging me to meditate, so I thought my course would motivate me. We only did 2 minutes on the first day, and by the end of those two minutes I felt relaxed. It’s different, but I think I’m going to like it."

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