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Love Conquers All


“The most important thing is that we need to look out for each other no matter who we are, or where we come from, or what our background is, the only thing that matters is that we find love in our hearts. And guess what life will be a lot easier. We are mentally killing each other because of the simple fact that we are putting each other down. And what we need to do is rebuild each other and lift each other. We need to learn how to interact with each other and stop letting other people separate us because we are all here together. The right thing is to learn how to expand your mind. And the way you expand your mind is to subject yourself to new and different things, not only about what’s going on in the world but about peoples in the world. We have to put our best effort because when you put your best effort, you are guaranteed to succeed, aint no way you can go wrong unless you give up. Also, Happiness is the key to a good life, cause no matter what obstacles or trials you have to deal with you can do it being happy. Do everything according to your satisfaction.”

Earlier Event: March 26
The Preciousness of the Pioneer Valley
Later Event: April 9
Cooking to Serving the Homeless