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Music Since Third Grade


“I’m really passionate about music, it’s something I’ve been doing since about third grade. I mean everyone played the recorder and then I moved on to play percussion instruments like the snare drum and I got a drum set. I learned how to play the xylophone and then I taught myself the piano.

At the end of high school I discovered singing which I thought was way more fun and within that I haven’t really stopped singing. I’ve joined various acapella groups and choir through school and the university. I also did theatre.

Now I’ve gotten into music theory and writing music and its learning about things like that which keeps me interested in my passion because I learned that there’s certain reasons that music makes people feel a certain way and learning how to make a song that makes people think and feel a certain way is really cool. I actually have my Cajón drum with me right now if you want to see it.”

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