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A Big Boy Scout


"I’m a big boy scout-- an eagle scout. I guess that’s something. Once an eagle, always an eagle. I was involved in scouting since I was eleven…. Until eighteen, that’s when you age out of it. And I worked at a camp for seven years; seven summers consecutively. My dad got me into it. It’s a family thing. There are 5-- my dad’s the oldest of 9 boys, there are 5 eagle scouts in my family, so it’s kind of a big legacy now. Or I guess 6, now! My brother just got it. My first badge was the basket weaving badge. I wanted to do it because it only had three requirements, it looked really easy, but I cried because it was so hard! I was eleven years old, and I’m sitting here trying to make a basket, I’m thinking the whole thing is gonna be so easy, I’ll bust it out, and…. It was not easy. My favorite thing about being a scout is probably the network, the community, that has developed around that, you know? My friends that I worked at camp with will be my closest friends until I die, probably. So it’s just a very intense bonding experience. Like, I consider those people my brothers, basically. They’re like family."

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