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Cooking to Serving the Homeless

"I used to run a soup kitchen here in Amherst and I started in 1996 and by the time I finished it was 2009. During those 13 years I would cook up a storm and feed people, whoever came to the soup kitchen, which is located at first congregational church in downtown Amherst. We had 60-80 people coming and we would just have a good time. I love to cook and I’m very good at cooking, I love to entertain, and I get great satisfaction out of feeding people. But as I worked at the soup kitchen we had a lot of people who were homeless, or housing-insecure, or couch surfing, or involved in an abusive relationship. At the end of the day I realized they are going to walk out this door and into the elements - the cold, knowing they are homeless and not have a place to go back to. Seeing people who have a full tummy but don’t have a place to call home, I thought a service would be more needed if it were an agency that focused strictly on housing. I had the passion and I had the desire because of...seeing people day in and day out with no place to call home, so I made up my mind this would be my life’s work.”

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