10/31/16: Housing First Lottery Drawing

At this event, we at Amherst Community Connections were excited to finally hold our Housing First Program lottery drawing! Out of the eleven people who signed up for the program, five people were eligible. And, out of those five people, we had three housing vouchers to give out. We were very happy, after months of work, to finally be able to give out three housing vouchers to three members of the community who greatly need them. 

At the drawing, board member Tom Ehrgood spoke about all of the work that has gone into securing these vouchers, and about how grateful ACC is to the Community Preservation Act Committee for approving the funding for this project. Three members of the CPAC, Laura Lovett, Diana Stein, and Paris Boice, were present at the drawing. Then, Paris Boice, chair of the CPAC, spoke about how she was thankful to be a part of funding this project, and how she is hopeful for the success of the project. 

Finally, we conducted the drawing, and notified the three winners that they would be receiving housing vouchers! It was an incredibly stirring and joyful event, and ACC is very proud to be able to help these three individuals. We will continue to give updates on our Housing First project in the future as the project progresses!