12/14/16: Meditation Techniques for Relaxation

Today, we had the pleasure of having our very own Jane Braaten, volunteer here at ACC, presenting about different meditation techniques for relaxing. Jane explained three techniques: de-cluttering, body scan, and breath meditation. For de-cluttering, Jane explained that before one begins meditating, it is important to create a space for yourself that is calming. She explained that this could take on many different forms - for one person, de-cluttering could be removing everything except for necessary objects from their space, while for another person it could be decorating their space. Jane explained that it is important in meditation to respect yourself, and one way of doing this is to arrange your space to reflect who you are and your values. 

After this, Jane led us through a body scan meditation. She explained that for this exercize, one should start out lying down or in a position that is comfortable for them. In this meditation, we started by focusing our energy and attention in our toes, and then slowly moved our attention throughout our bodies. Jane explained that this meditation is a good way to be mindful of how each part of your body feels, and a way of stating, "my body belongs to me, and I want to work with it in a healthy way". 

Finally, Jane led us in a breathing meditation. She explained that for this exercize, all that one must do is sit in an upright posture, with the eyes slightly open and focused on the ground, and focus on their breath. She advised that when starting to try this exercize, it is important to count your breaths to stay focused on them, but that once a person gets more comfortable they can do the exercize without counting. Jane said that the focus of this exercise was to "embody your dignity".

Everyone at this meeting found the meditations to be incredibly relaxing and rejuvinating! We all agreed that these exercizes are something that we can integrate into our daily lives to make life a little more relaxing!