10/25/17 Songs of Our Lives

Today we had the opportunity for a group-led incubator meeting, which turned out to be incredibly lively and engaging. Our discussion opened with two questions about music that we were each supposed to answer. However, we all drifted off to talk about topics beyond the scope of what we were asked. Perhaps this is telling of the great significance music has in each of our lives, whether we realize it or not. 


Darcy shared a beautiful story about her mother's discovery of her love for Brazilian music towards the end of her life. This serves as Darcy's inspiration for exploring music for all kinds --we may just find something that perfectly satisfies our ears when we least expect it. Hwei-Ling was able to connect with Darcy as she recently discovered an interest in Brazilian music as well. This had us all thinking that we are missing out on something and I'm certain some of us will be checking out the genre in the future.

Stoney sang a Yiddish tune for us, which was followed by Greg's performance of a gospel song that he wrote himself. With Dr. Rick on vocals and Dave on the keyboard, the duo carried out their own rendition of "Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog." Dave again played the keyboard as the group joined together to sing "Amazing Grace," with Stoney feeding us the lyrics for those who did not know them all. It was amazing to see how eager participants were to share with us a song that is near and dear to them.

We had so much fun coming together to appreciate music for and hour and a half on this Wednesday morning--so much fun, in fact, that the group decided to organize a "Raise the Roof" choral group. The group will be informally run, and hopes to just provide a place for people to collectively engage in an activity that brings great joy to many of us. It is open to anyone and everyone on Tuesdays form 6-7:30 pm--we invite you all to join us!

By: Daniella Colombo