9/13/2017 Living, Struggling, and Striving—My Story

One of our participants mentioned that in times of struggle, surrounding herself with individuals who are thriving and improving their own lives helps her to survive. Crystal, the presenter of today’s incubator meeting, served as that inspiration for all of us today. She shared with us her personal story about triumph after struggling though a ten yearlong domestic violence situation. She is a survivor. Today she finds joy and strength from her happy, healthy family life.

Our large audience today learned strategies for dealing with hardship, as well as broader life lessons that Crystal took away from her own experience. One of the takeaway messages Crystal emphasized was one of non-judgment and kindness. She said, “we have to be nice to everybody because everyone has something they are going through.” I am sure we all could all relate to this point.

She encouraged managing struggle with the help others, emphasizing the importance of human connection. Crystal referenced getting to know her neighbors and talking to others about the hardship you are going through. Knowing she was not alone really helped her through her hard times. Similarly, she encouraged the group to find the courage to share financial hardships with others. Without open, honest communication, it is hard to get the help we need. She provided us with an example of a time she really needed chiropractic services but could not afford the fee they were asking for. She was honest with them, and they were kind enough to provide them for just $10.

The discussion was thought provoking, insightful, and inspiring. The takeaway message that one of our participants got from it was that “love conquers all.”

By: Daniella Colombo