My Jewelry Making Enterprise

Today, ACC staff and participants were pleased to welcome jewelry entrepreneur Josh Berin in our weekly incubator meeting to speak with us about his inspirational story of how he made a successful business. As always, the meeting began with participant introductions. We discussed our passions, a goal we have worked towards but now yet completed, and reasons why we attend these weekly meetings.

Many of our participants reported that it was a place to come together, share and listen to each other’s ideas, and get encouragement and support. For example, one participant refers to the meetings as a “place to be around other people that will listen”. As participants went around and shared their goals, one participant realized a common factor among our ambitions; that we all say the word ‘try’. This participant proposed that we all “take try out of our vocabulary, because that shows that you are already doubting it.” Other motivational suggestions elicited from our crowd were to “think globally and act locally.” These inspirational comments lead Josh to share his own story of jewelry making with us.

Josh has been creating one of a kind jewelry for over thirty years now, but has been more involved in the past few years. A rock tumbler machine was given to Josh at age 17 as a Christmas gift, which revealed his creative side. As a businessman of many trades, Josh has owned both a comic book store and a deli. As Josh shared with us insight on how he began his jewelry business as well as the process of jewelry making, he demonstrated making one piece and passed around a few of his beautiful creations. Some of our participants remarked that they could see themselves making jewelry, while others related this to their creative passions. Everyone was inspired by Josh’s commitment to translating his passions into a business.

Please join us for next week’s meeting 1/10/17 at 10:00 to listen to Attorney Everald Henry speak about legal rights and trouble!

By: Erin Ransom