Smooth Moves Dancercise

Exercise comes in all shapes and forms. From basketball to dance, there are so many fun and engaging ways to get fit and stay healthy on your own or with friends. On Wednesday, February 21st, ACC’s very own Pat Creaser showed us her favorite form of exercise: Dancercise, a moderate but effective way to exercise.

Dancercise is a fun way to get your body moving and get in shape by grooving together with a group to whatever funky, eclectic music the instructor feels like playing. However, unlike other forms of aerobics, dancercise does not put stress on the body. According to Creaser, moderate exercise is better for your joints and helps you live a healthy and productive lifestyle. Even better, dancercise allows you to mix and match what moves you want to do to stay in shape as well as which one of your favorite songs you can workout to.

During her workshop at ACC, Creaser decided to give her form of dancercise a special twist by taking moves from one of her favorite forms of moderate exercise and meditation, Qigong. Qigong is a form of meditation that comes from Chinese martial arts practices. By using gentle movements and flow, Creaser helped each resident become more focused and awake for the dancercise section of the workshop. By the end of this section, all the participants and the staff were feeling ready to dance along with Creaser’s dancercise routines.

While “Everyday People” by Sly & The Family Stone played in the background, Creaser led the group through simple exercises to get them started. Then as time went on, she made the moves a little more complicated and had everyone in the circle pick out their own moves to share with the group. What with all the dancing and fun music, the group barely noticed the time flying by until Creaser announced that it was time for a cool down stretch to prevent any sore muscles or injuries.

Wednesday was not Creaser’s first time teaching an exercise class for the community. In fact, she used to teach yoga classes for senior citizens and still leads dancercise workshops to this day.

Creaser prefers exercises like Qigong and dancercise to other forms because all three also act as a form of meditation. In a world where so many people are trying to get in shape, mental health sometimes is forgotten, but meditation through exercise like Qigong and dancercise can lift a person’s mood and help them feel more focused in life. We are so lucky to not just have Creaser as a volunteer but also as our new favorite dancercise instructor.

Please join ACC next Wednesday from 10-12pm for our next workshop, “Can I work on SSI?”, or at one of our weekly writing workshops on Tuesday from 3-5pm at the Jones Library in Amherst.

By: Mackenzie Wilson