Pub Theology

What is your comfort food? Many answered with chicken noodle soup, chocolate, mac n cheese, or ice-cream. Comfort food is supposed to be good for the soul and to make you feel good, much like our beliefs are supposed to do. Today, ACC welcomed Reverend Christina in a workshop called “Pub Theology”.

In our workshop, we discussed philosophy, faith, and deep meaning. She liked to call it pub theology because even though we were not at a pub sharing a brew, we were sharing good company.

Reverend Christina first started out by saying that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and nothing anyone says about their higher beliefs is right or wrong.

When it came to our beliefs, it was heartwarming to be in a room of such deep thought. Many people shared their own personal beliefs such as the belief that we all have a purpose in life, or the belief that there will be peace in the world eventually. One of our participants Greg believes that you have to believe in yourself before you believe in anything else.

Christina was thorough in asking her questions and wanted to know if people believed in a higher power and what that higher power means to them. One of our staff volunteers Lillian described her higher power as being an experience. She believes that the higher power can do things that she cannot do and that her higher power can handle things she cannot handle.

The talk of higher power led to a discussion on the similarities and differences in religions. One of our participants Jennifer was eager to share that she believes everyone should learn about different religions than the sole one they believe in so that everyone can get along and feel respected.

After this incubator meeting, I think everyone left the room feeling a little lighter and brighter due to the great conversation Reverend Christina brought to ACC.