Yoga for Relaxation

On June 20th, ACC invited Sasha Rivera to lead a yoga session to help all participants find a new means of relaxing. Before Sasha arrived, the participants went around introducing themselves and sharing activities they personally find helpful when trying to relax. Some great ideas people have mentioned are: going outside for fresh air, exercising to release endorphins, drinking hot tea or coffee, meditating, singing/making music, taking a moment to collect one’s thoughts, and sleeping. And when Sasha joined the conversation, she - with no surprise - answered yoga!

Here’s a little bit about Sasha. She is an Embodyoga® instructor (RYT 200, meaning that she is a registered yoga teacher who has completed 200-hour teacher training) in the Pioneer Valley. “She helps her students find support for their movements from the inside out, utilizing Embodyoga®’s movement principles and templates for whole-body support. With Sasha you will learn to connect to and radiate out from your center, bring breath and awareness deeper into your body, and move safely and easefully from one asana (posture) to the next.” Sasha offers classes that are flowing and dynamic for a range of levels. ACC was happy to have such passionate and qualified yoga instructor visit us!

Before trying out some yoga exercises, Sasha explained the different styles and types of yoga. Bikram consists of a specific sequence of poses and breathing exercises. For those who gravitate toward a set routine may enjoy Bikram because of its predictable nature. Hot yoga, similar to Bikram, is practiced in a heated room (like a sauna) and allows one to move deeper into some poses. For those who love a tough workout and are sweat lovers, give hot yoga a try. Last but not least is Embodyoga, the style that she teaches. Embodyoga allows us to enter the body-mind fully, drawing our attention to each organ, tissue, and cell. For those who looking to feel revitalized through a sense of awareness and liveliness, this style if for you!

For a full hour, Sasha created a sensational and relaxing yoga experience for the participants. Sasha guided us through some beginner-level chair and standing exercises and finished with soothing breathing exercises. 60 minutes may seem long; however, all the participants unanimously agreed that time whizzed by, surely because they were having fun. As they say that pictures speak louder than words, here are some highlights from the event!

After a relaxing hour of gentle yoga, Sasha finishes by saying, “I encourage you to explore, as you go about your day or your week, noticing physical sensations, feelings in your breathing and in your body, and making choices about what might make you feel good or better.”

Thank you, Sasha for an unique and therapeutic yoga session! ACC has a few free yoga passes for Amherst Yoga Center. If anyone is interested, please drop by to pick up a yoga pass!

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By: Clara Seo