My Dad and I, And His Pottery

Bill and his Dad, and Pottery Making


On June 27th  ACC invited Bill Clock to come in and talk about his father and the making of pottery. Before, Bill went into his discussion, Hwei-Ling started an ice breaker where people introduced themselves and shared something funny about their father or a father-like figure in their life. I was intrigued by the different stories and upbringings of all of these individuals. The stories ranged from pranks to smoking on a plane to wrestling. There was a large range of ages and backgrounds represented, which made the stories very interesting.

Bill Clock is a musician and pottery maker who lives in the area. He mostly talked about his dad, specifically the profound influence he had on his life. His Dad was one of the most interesting people I have ever heard of. His dedication to arts and crafts led him to a very adventurous life, traveling to England with his family to continue his craft. Bill was gracious enough to bring in his father’s  collection of pottery and artwork in for everyone to look at. Just by looking at the beautiful pieces of artwork on display, you could see the devotion and time his father put into his craft.

The amount of respect that Bill had for his father was something to behold. Moreover, every word describing Bill’s father held some kind of reverence. He was very proud of his dad for being so dedicated to his craft and basing his life off of something he loved so dearly. The love between father and son was a part of his talk that made me listen very intently. Even when his father was losing his abilities and getting into many political arguments in later years he still viewed his father as a stand-up guy. When Bill’s father passed away, it was very hard for Bill because their relationship was so strong. His father gave them many different opportunities like being able to live in England on and off for many years. Bill Clock’s life was one that was very unique and something that many kids around the world would love to have. There were many incredible places he traveled to, and many unforgettable like experiences to speak of.

At the end of the incubator meeting, Hwei-Ling had each member of the audience state different aspects of their father’s personality that they themselves have inherited. The answers were quite varied but all had a similar theme. Many of these individuals had something bad that they gained from their father like being stubborn or inheriting bad habits. However, they also inherited some very important personality aspects like discipline, hard work, being positive, and not judging people at first glance. One inheritance from a father figure that struck me was a father who was emotionally present for everyone in the family. This man said his father always exhibited, unconditional love and compassion to everyone he knew. I thought this statement was incredibly poignant because we desperately need these two things in our society today. Without these two things, people experiencing homeless and low income individuals will continued to be ignored. Also something else that struck me was the fact that two individuals opened up about not having a father growing up. In their eyes their mother was both the father and mother figure in their lives. As someone who grew up in a very stable heteronormative household I could not imagine being raised by only one parent. However, both of the individuals who spoke up were still able to become strong wonderful people in their own right. It was nice to hear Bill Clock’s words on his father and pottery making and we wish him the best in the future.

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