Government shutdown afflicts homeless population

The government shutdown is beginning to hurt some of the most vulnerable Americans including homeless people and low-income renters that are dependent on subsidies.

With the Department of Housing and Urban Development being one of the federal agencies hardest hit by the shutdown, their usual efforts to increase access to affordable housing via providing subsidies and financial support to nonprofit groups that help low-income renters, have been reduced drastically. The impact of such reductions is residents facing fear of eviction, nonprofit groups tapping into their emergency reserve funds, and more and more people’s lives being put at risk.

If the shutdown continues, all these organizations will be left having to consider a spectrum of bad to terrible options, including staff layoffs and, in the worst-case scenario, evictions,
— Diane Yentel, president of the National Low Income Housing Coalition

The article by the NY Times linked below explains the current situation in more detail. Give it a read to find out how the government shutdown is affecting individuals, nonprofit organizations, and the nation as a whole.