Welcome to our One-Stop Resource Center!

Why a One-Stop Resource Center?

At Amherst Community Connections we see the hardships faced by our participants and understand just how precious their time is when it comes to getting help and getting it FAST. That is one of the driving reasons behind us opening up our One-Stop Resource Center.

Since many of our participants rely on public transportation to get around, we understand just how valuable their time is. Instead of needing to travel between organizations to access a wide variety of resources, our participants can receive many of those same services in one location all at the same time: here at ACC's One-Stop Resource Center! Our participants receive one-on-one assistance from trained advocates at our convenient downtown location.

Our convenient hours are as follows:

Drop-in Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30AM - 12PM
By Appointment: Monday-Friday 12PM - 5PM
Incubator group Meetings: Wednesdays 10AM - 11:30 AM               Jones Library Drop-in Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 2PM-5PM

  1. What makes the One-Stop Resource Center such a valuable service organization?

Convenient, easy-to-find downtown location!

Amherst Community Connections is located at 236 N. Pleasant St., right near the cow statue. There are bus stops nearby. The front door is to the left of M&M Links.  Look for the Sandwich Board sign.

FREE One-on-one attention from trained advocates & Daily/On-going support!

At Amherst Community Connections participants work one-on-one with our advocates toward achieving a long-term goal of leading independent, stable, and productive lives. Each of our advocates receive training prior to starting to work with participants. Our advocates are trained to assess the needs of each participant and make sure they receive the appropriate support and/or referrals to other resources and agencies in the community.

Our advocates also keep and regularly update confidential files on participants. This helps maintain strong communication between advocates about participant's cases which ensures the highest quality of service is provided to them. That means more convenience and less waiting for our participants because they can meet with whichever advocate is available instead of waiting!

Wide array of FREE services and referrals offered!

At Amherst Community Connections we provide a large variety of referrals and services to our participants related to food, housing, and other elements that are necessary to reaching the final goal. Offering such a wide array of services does not reduce the quality of the care we give. Rather, it enhances it by offering a level of convenience to our participants that is not offered by other comparable organizations in the community.

An overview of services and referrals we provide include:

Assistance replacing personal documents such as a Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, or state ID or license
Housing/ job search and application
Shelter placement
Free cellphone application
Food stamps/fuel assistance
Money for rent, bus fares, medications, or utilities
Section 8 housing
SSI/SSDI benefits
Veteran benefits
Debt/ Credit issues
CORI issues
Referral to mental health providers, crisis centers, detox services, and many other resources!

Weekly "Incubator" support meetings

Every Wednesday from 10 - 11:30 a.m. we take a break from all the case work and hold weekly "Incubator" group meetings immediately following the community breakfast held in the Unitarian Meetinghouse. These meetings give participants and advocates alike an opportunity to meet new people and explore new interests and skills. Incubator meetings are comprised of two elements: a conversational element and a creative element.

The conversational element provides a space for people to express themselves; swap tips in regards to housing, jobs, food, and more; to share their grievances and successes of the week; and also to receive the validation and support they deserve in a safe environment with people who truly care.

The creative element provides a space for people to step away from their problems of the day and includes activities such as arts and crafts, poetry reading/ writing, and even theatre activities! We often have mini-seminars given by local organizations!